Incredible! This post made my soul soar! "The Book of Earth has made a space for derangement."

Your posts just ground me right now. I'm on a wild ride of words, nearly finishing my third book in as many months. Although the first one was a rewrite, so it's not the same as writing a thing from scratch.

Two from scratch, in two months. I didn't mean to do either but I'm between gigs right now so I guess I'm worried about life and the future and the way I cope is to write. If there's a ration between my word count and my worry level, I guess I'm pretty worried! But I'm kind of happy with these books, so there's that.

I'm off to Shetland in two weeks for Shetland Noir - I'll try to bring you back something interesting.

And this book sounds amazing and endlessly inspiring and magical. I hope to one day have a copy.

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This is so perfect. I've been parceling it out too, a bit at a time, and letting the warmth and gentleness that is Heidi's spirit open my eyes and heart to the worlds colours.

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This incredible book arrived a few days ago and I have been waiting for the right time to properly immerse myself in it. What a wonderful review you gave. Feels more of a magical scroll than a book! Looking forward to hearing Heidi talk on Botanical Colours Feedback Friday.

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